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How Transformed the Operations of Popeyes Restaurants in the Midwest

Miami, FL, Feb. 20, 2023 - with their unique proprietary voice artificial intelligence technology, has been steadily helping fast-food restaurants improve their operations. One such story of transformation is of a Popeyes operator in the Midwest who oversaw 30+ stores.

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The journey began with the integration of Outloud's system into eight pilot Popeyes locations in May 2022. The need for such a change was rooted in a desire to optimize operations and increase profitability, but the scope of impact was much larger.

"Our main goal has always been to provide valuable insights and help fast-food restaurants solve issues in real-time using AI technology. We focus on recognizing voice conversations even in noisy environments, providing actionable insights for improving customer service, and aligning employee incentives," shares Sasha Miagkyi, the founder and CEO of

Understanding Outloud's Alert System:

An "alert" in Outloud's context is a real-time notification generated by their system indicating potential operational issues or opportunities for improvement. These could range from out-of-stock notifications, slow service times, ready food not being served promptly, to equipment malfunction.

"When we started in May 2022, we noticed an average of about 150 alerts per store per month. To give an example, one type of alert might indicate that in the last 12 minutes, an order-taker had told eight guests that the POS system was down. These alerts were designed to give a comprehensive overview of potential hiccups that could be affecting the store's efficiency and customer experience," explains Miagkyi.

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Preliminary Outcomes and Expansions:

Upon implementing Outloud's system, approximately 50% of the issues identified were related to out-of-stock situations, 20% were cases of food not being ready on time, and 10% were tied to service speed. The rest of the alerts identified other issues like equipment breakdowns.

Over the course of nine months, the average number of monthly alerts per store decreased from 146 to 29, indicating a significant improvement in operational efficiency. This transformation was a result of the actionable insights provided by Outloud, enabling store managers to address issues proactively.

Recognizing the substantial benefits, the operator made a decision to expand Outloud's system to the rest of their Popeyes stores.

Financial Impact and Customer Satisfaction:

The significant reduction in alerts directly contributed to cost savings, with thousands of dollars saved per store each month. This boost in operational efficiency had a ripple effect, leading to an increase in overall revenue and profitability for each Popeyes location.

"Each alert, basically, means $15 to $250 lost in unearned revenue, unhappy customers and slow service. By reducing the frequency of equipment breakdowns, out-of-stock situations and improving service speed, we were able to enhance the customer experience, leading to more return customers and higher overall customer satisfaction ratings," states Miagkyi.

Moreover, better inventory management meant less wastage, more efficient use of resources, and ultimately, improved bottom-line results.

As Sasha Miagkyi concludes, "The Popeyes story is a testament to the power of AI in revolutionizing fast-food operations. It's not just about the cost savings or the increased revenue - it's about creating a better customer experience, empowering and incentivizing employees, and ultimately, building a more efficient, effective business"

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