The voice of your business

Our Tech allows companies to automate voice conversations with their customers using Artificial Intelligence

01 / State-of-the-art

We use state-of-the-art speech and NLP models to build a truly amazing conversational AI. Outloud can handle messy language*, understand different context of conversations, and work in noisy environments.



*It can often understand Eastern European accents of both founders!

02 / Fun

Our AI is fun to talk to. It can have a human-like type of conversation with a customer, use unique or famous voices, small talk, disfluencies, and jargon.

03 / Easy

Outloud can be quickly integrated with existing digital and offline channels. Our easy-to-use marketing tools will allow to customize types of voices and conversation flows to make a business sound unique.


Founding team

Igor Shelvinskyi,

Igor has been building AI tech for start-ups and global banks for the last decade. He is passionate about deep learning, NLP, and computer hardware.  

Igor has an applied math degree, writes elegant code and solders custom keyboards.

Sasha Miagkyi,

Sasha has a mix of product and strategy backgrounds with an experience working at large corporations and consulting firms across the US and Europe. 

He is an MIT graduate, loves high-intensity workouts and pepperoni pizzas.

Join us

Our team is passionate about research and innovation in the deep learning space. We build a conversational AI platform that is based on state-of-the-art research in the fields of Automated Speech Recognition, NLP, and Voice Cloning & Generation. Our platform can work in real-world noisy environments with low-quality hardware, messy language, and unstructured requests. is on the mission to bring conversational AI to businesses around the world. We’re looking for experienced software engineers who want to be a part of the fast-growing company and deliver an impact from day one. Please feel free to contact us, if you want to join our team:

Senior Python Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced Python developer, with a strong knowledge of the Cloud technologies and SQL/NoSQL DB. 



Our technology allows to replicate the voices of other people. It can be potentially misused by some people to impersonate others or generate phrases they never said. In light of this, coupled with the growth of “deep fakes” and generative media, we want to limit and prevent the potential misuse of our technology.


We follow the industry's guiding principle that a person whose voice has been cloned or generated using voice replication techniques should own the rights for their voice’s synthetic copy and decide the ways their voice can be used. 


Outloud doesn't allow to use the technology to generate inappropriate or offensive content. We don't use or generate voices of other people when this can negatively impact their privacy.

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