Frontline intelligence platform for offline retailers

Your frontline employees are the face of your brand. 

They make hundreds of unique interactions with your customers daily.

How much do you know about each of those interactions?

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Customer satisfaction

Customer service intelligence

Skyrocket your customer satisfaction to the top 1%

Your frontline employees create the real guest experience. Set and track service-related KPIs to double the number of your returning customers

Suggestive upsell

Revenue intelligence

Increase your average check by 10-15%

Online retailers generate a quarter of their sales through suggestive upsell. Train your customer-facing team on how to upsell better


Ops intelligence

Stop losing revenue

Order inaccuracies, out of stocks, and equipment breakdowns happen in every fifth transaction. Make sure your ops team is aware and acts immediately

How it works

3 easy steps to your revenue intelligence


Capture customer interactions


Understand what was said


Deliver actionable insights

40+Happy businesses
500,000Interactions improved monthly
25%Bottom-line growth
Why us?

Helping our clients succeed

Our users love Outloud. Here's what they are saying

40+businesses trust us

With Outloud, front-line teams are able to provide much better service to guests given the Outloud tech creates clear incentives to do so. Guests are happy, restaurants get higher revenue, and employees are directly rewarded as a result of their hard work.

Tanvir, VP of tech

400+ stores

You can't manage what you can't measure. Outloud quantifies every single interaction between customers and restaurant teams to help run better ops.

Daniel, CFO

3,000+ stores reduced operational alerts by 80%, increasing efficiency and profitability for midwest Popeyes stores help Burger King operator in the Northeast to increase upsell revenue by 380%