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Outloud and Burger King restaurants: a customer success story of scaling voice AI in the fast-food industry

Miami, FL, Jul. 03, 2023 -, a leading voice AI technology company, started a game-changing journey with one of the top Burger King franchisees in the Northeast, operating over 60 stores. Beginning with a 10-restaurant pilot,'s AI-powered system targeted an underexplored area of the fast-food and broader retail industry - upsell offerings.

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"Upselling is a complex interaction," Sasha Miagkyi, founder and CEO of explained. "Operators often rely on intuition rather than data, simply offering add-ons without knowing how often it was offered and the success rate. Our goal was to introduce precision and intelligence to this process."

The Pilot - A Data-Driven Approach to Upselling

In June 2022, the upsell offering rate of the Burger King operator was at 28%. set out to understand the different dimensions of upselling – from upsizing meals and adding extras to promoting limited-time items, desserts, drinks, etc., based on the customers' preferences at different times of the day.

"With our technology, we could not only increase the upsell rate but also understand what products customers preferred to be offered and when," Miagkyi said. By July 2023, the upsell rate had dramatically increased from 28% to 80%.

"Doing a simple math of 80% upsell rate * 25% success rate * 15% of a check size, we can see a 3% increase in revenue simply from the upsell. That translates to tens of thousands of dollars," Miagkyi emphasized.

Success Beyond the Pilot - Scaling Across 60+ Stores

Impressed by the success of the pilot, the Burger King operator decided to implement's technology across all their 60+ stores. Today, the AI technology helps not just in upselling but also in motivating employees by providing trackable metrics that can lead to higher bonuses.

"Our technology is about more than just revenue. It's about aligning the incentives of employees with the success of the business," Sasha pointed out. "By implementing upselling as a trackable metric, we help to increase employee retention rates. Operators can pay employees sometimes 20-30% more based on their performance."

The successful collaboration between and Burger King operator is more than just a success story. It's a testament to how voice AI technology can revolutionize the fast-food industry, offering greater customer service and enhancing operational efficiency.

"With the right application of technology, we can uncover actionable insights that were previously impossible to glean. We're looking forward to bringing our voice AI technology to more businesses," concluded Sasha Miagkyi.

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